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… I can make a not-introductory one! (I hate that first, break-the-ice post. I feel so… awkward!)

So today, I made an attempt at cooking something new! I had forgotten that basmati rice makes more cooked rice per cup than jasmine, and wound up with a whole cooker full of rice that doesn’t stick- so no rice balls or sushi. What was I going to do with a whole cooker full of rice that you need -silverware- to eat? The answer?

Fried Rice.

I found a recipe at the Cooking Cute website ( for fried rice, and while I didn’t have the sake or the tamari, I did have some sweet and sour and Worcestershire sauce. So four cups of rice and a bunch of makeshift veggies and sauces later, I produced an edible and actually fairly good meal.

That’s an achievement for me.

I also got a new phone. I’m on my way to return said new phone. I can get said new phone for cheaper from Verizon directly than through the store I went to earlier, and so… well, you get the idea.

Tomorrow, the fair! I will return with pictures and notes from that adventure, and we shall see what this adventurous otter can return!

Until then, adieu!


First posts are such a pain.

Firstly, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Please, look around and see what’s available! The posts will be eclectic and strange, the links will lead to things I enjoy, and the content will be as varied as my daily life- and, if I’m particularly lucky, they will be far more interesting!

Secondly, if I can manage it, this will be a record of several things: My pregnancy (and eventually my child); my garden and its successes and failures (of which there are far more failures!); and my daily life and varied interests, sort of like a scrapbook- notes and pictures about what’s going on every day, and things that make me laugh- because life is just too short to write up the bad things that happen every day!

Mind you, I’m not very good at writing beautifully worded, elegant, or witty posts. I’m also not so good at making things pretty. But I can post pictures and quick notes and links to things I enjoy!

So please, come join me, and I hope you enjoy yourself!


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