The Laughing Otter- because life’s just too short

Now that the official First Post is passed…

Posted on: August 30, 2008

… I can make a not-introductory one! (I hate that first, break-the-ice post. I feel so… awkward!)

So today, I made an attempt at cooking something new! I had forgotten that basmati rice makes more cooked rice per cup than jasmine, and wound up with a whole cooker full of rice that doesn’t stick- so no rice balls or sushi. What was I going to do with a whole cooker full of rice that you need -silverware- to eat? The answer?

Fried Rice.

I found a recipe at the Cooking Cute website ( for fried rice, and while I didn’t have the sake or the tamari, I did have some sweet and sour and Worcestershire sauce. So four cups of rice and a bunch of makeshift veggies and sauces later, I produced an edible and actually fairly good meal.

That’s an achievement for me.

I also got a new phone. I’m on my way to return said new phone. I can get said new phone for cheaper from Verizon directly than through the store I went to earlier, and so… well, you get the idea.

Tomorrow, the fair! I will return with pictures and notes from that adventure, and we shall see what this adventurous otter can return!

Until then, adieu!


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