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A day trip to the fair!

Posted on: September 2, 2008

It’s been a lovely weekend. A lovely three day weekend! We went to the Evergreen State Fair on Saturday, which is always a blast. Did you know that you cannot find a caramel apple there that isn’t made from a Granny Smith apple? I had to settle for … okay, it wasn’t settling. I got all sorts of delicious goodness! Stir-fried noodles, cotton candy, a bag of mixed taffies and peanut-butter and chocolate fudge from Savannah Sweets (Which, evidently, actually started in Savannah, on River Street! How cool is that!) and even ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. I would like to note that liquid nitrogen ice cream is by far the absolute best ice cream I have ever had. It’s a hard ice cream, not a soft-serve, but it’s so smooth and creamy that you couldn’t imagine it being frozen as solid as it is!

We saw giant cows, which amused me to no end because most of my roommates have never been up close and personal with a cow- they’re a lot bigger in person. A pig in the petting zoo tried to eat Ennosuke’s shoe. The chickens were actually friendly, and we saw a GIANT rabbit. He must have been a good thirty pounds! That’s a lot of bun.

We didn’t make it to the rodeo this year, which sucks, but there’s plenty of that all summer around here. I’ll just find another one that isn’t so expensive to go to.

We did the shopping thing, going through the booths and looking at all the stuff for sale- jewelry cleaner, chamois cloths that aren’t actually chamois but still work really well (I have a set from last year). This hanging hammock bed thing that was incredible!

And, of course… the star-show.

*shivers* Oooh. It’s amazing every single year, and every year I promise myself “As soon as you own a house and will live there for good, your bedrooms are decorated with stars.” It comes from a company called StellarVision, distributed by Starshow International and every year at the fair, they have a booth with a dark, tiny room that leaves everyone who goes inside it speechless, breathless and wanting one.

Basically, they use a glow-in-the-dark paint to create a night sky of your choosing on the ceiling and walls of your room of choice. And before you think “Hey, didn’t I have those stick-on star things as a kid?” this is COMPLETELY not the same. It is incredible- like they peeled away your room and you’re sleeping under the stars. And they can do any night you want- your wedding, your anniversary, your birthday, your kids’ birthdays. Any night of your choice! How cool is that?

… okay, enough enchanted rhapsodizing over the beautiful rooms.

We did the midway stuff too- browsed through the aisles of endless men and women trying to convince us that their game was completely and totally not rigged in any way… but we didn’t indulge. Rigged, tricky, or not… we preferred the food-based treats we got with our money over the terrifying and cheap toys that we inevitably win. That’s not to say carnival games aren’t fun! I love them! Especially the dart ones. I just never play them to win, or to get something. That’s just frustrating.

We, unfortunately, could not enjoy the rides this year. Not only were we low on cash, but at seven months pregnant, carnival rides are strictly off-limits to me. I can ride the carousel, except the line wrapped halfway around the fairgrounds… so this year, I settled for an extra bag of cotton candy and the promise that someone else will hold the baby next year so I can make myself sick to my heart’s content.

Yesterday was just a lazy day. There was a lot of discussion around the characters we’re working on for the private WoW server we play at, and some little bit of cooking. Hamburger browned and frozen so that next time we need to make something quick, it’s -there-. Oh! I made curry, too. We’ll find out how good that is when Orion gets home… he took it for lunch this morning.

Otherwise, it’s been a lazy weekend of fair-going, TV-watching, and barter. (We traded apples from our trees for some summer squash, a jar of blackberry homemade jam, some frozen zucchini, and a box of llama wool I’m still trying to figure out what to do with.)

I’ll update this with pictures as soon as I can!


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