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Adventures in Summer Squash and Being Late

Posted on: September 6, 2008

Good afternoon! It would be good morning but it’s been a busy day.

Exciting, though.

So I was thinking this morning, “Hey, we have a whole day with nothing planned. There’s a few things I would love to do…” So we woke up with the intent to go on a Native Plant Walk in the state park in Birch Bay. It started at ten, so we had plenty of time. But I’m not the best at getting out on time, so by the time Orion, Abby and I were ready, we got their a little late. It wasn’t a big deal, but by the time the walk proper started, it was time to take Abby to puppy-playdate in Bellingham. Leaving early, we hurried home to change cars for the not-gas-guzzling truck, to the vet to get her shot records, and off to Petco to play with other puppies!

Who weren’t there. Evidently, their puppy coordinator had a family emergency, so they canceled puppy play time. On the way to the car I was laughing that at least we could still make the Ferndale Farmer’s Market- it didn’t close until three, and if my day was so slow that I was three hours getting home, I could just write it off entirely!

Fortunately, it wasn’t, and we had a nice romp at the Market. Adorable children petted the puppy, lots of people made oohs and aahhs at her, and in general she was exhausted when we got home, which was the point of the whole morning anyway.

Delighted by the sights and smells of the Market, Abby romped about in the grass with Orion while I shopped. Two kohlrabi and a nice Walla Walla onion later, and four pounds of lovely red and white potatoes, and I have the fixins for supper! Or lunch.

I mentioned earlier, (I think) that a neighbor gave us some summer squash, and I didn’t know what to do with it. I finally have a use! It will be chopped into little cubes and sauteed into a breakfast meal of diced potatoes, red and orange bell peppers, diced onion, and chopped mushrooms. With the squash, that will give a delicious breakfast/lunch/supper for today. It will also get rid of my leftover taco toppings.

I got a few pictures today, too, of Abby. She’s growing so fast!

Adorable and for once, not chewing on anything!

Adorable and for once, not chewing on anything!

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