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Why don’t puppies sleep at night?

Posted on: September 9, 2008

Good morning!

I don’t think it’s that puppies don’t sleep at night. I think they just want to play at awkward hours. Abby went about her day yesterday with all the gusto and energy of a squirrel on crack, and raced circles around the big-dogs last night before bed, and chased me around the kitchen, and somehow she still woke up this morning at four, yipping and wanting to go outside- where she promptly ate an acorn, chased the grass, and then lay down to take a nap in the middle of the damp, cold lawn.

It was pure good luck that Ennosuke came home early and kept her downstairs for an hour or so to wear her out again and I got a little more rest.

But that aside, LOOK! Finally, signs of sleepy! So naturally, now, she’s sound asleep.
It’s an art form, being a puppy.

So while she snoozes on the floor, after a fun morning of harassing the heck out of the bigger dogs, I’m updating this really quick before I try to figure out what’s for dinner/lunch today.

The other day’s experiment of diced potatoes failed when the potatoes overcooked. So instead of diced potatoes, we had mashed potatoes with toppings. Waste not, want not!

Today’s meal experiment will be hand-held biscuits with BBQ beef in them. Little biscuit cups stuffed with meat, that can be eaten with one hand? It’s like they were -made- for my family. Last night was Adventures in Bento, with a lovely little meal made for my mate:

In the Top: A plain omelette over a bed of sticky rice blended with onions and hamburger that was left from breakfast

In the Bottom: An apple turnover bite, celery stick dividers, and a salad with bell peppers, tomatoes, and crumbled smoked salmon.

I know it isn’t much, but it’s pretty good for me!

Other than that, not much! I did my bi-monthly doctor’s visit yesterday, in which they said “Congratulations! Your baby is growing properly, his heart sounds good, you look good, and eat more iron-rich foods and fiber foods. We recommend broccoli and iron-fortified cereals, as well as iron-rich foods.” Which, evidently, includes peaches, so I have it -made-. My mom is coming over the end of the week for a few days, much to my delight, and she comes bearing a box of peaches for my consumption!

Mmm… peaches.

Otherwise, it’s just a normal day! Last night we brainstormed ideas for today’s bento ‘breakfast’ (Orion works early early mornings). Tiny chicken-salad sandwiches cut into fingers, a little cup of dill pickle spears, and a fruit dessert that will involve apples, somehow- either apple and banana pieces dipped in lemon juice (to prevent browning) or apple bites simmered in sugar and cinnamon syrup. It depends on the quality of the last apple! There were a few other ideas too, if I could remember them!

Well, otherwise, not too much! See you later!


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