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Posted on: September 13, 2008

Good morning!

I’ve been a little busy the last few days! My mom came into town from the other side of the state, so we’ve been going about doing things. Like a delicious, spectacular dinner last night out with almost everybody. I love Chinese, but it’s better in good company!

Today is a busy, busy, busy day, though. We go pick up the Corsica from the mechanics, pick up some old hay from a lady to make our Harvest decoration in the yard, go to the Farmer’s Market, take Abby to the Puppy PlayTime at Petco, and still make supper tonight that can be bento tomorrow for two!

Speaking of bento, do I have a picture of my most recent? *checks around*
Why, yes, it appears I do!
Fried potatoes with onions and celery topped with sauteed mushrooms. A little row of rice balls wrapped in nori. Frozen peas and a muffin with frosting, and a little bottle of soy sauce.

The container is new, a little microwave safe one from Daiso.

So other than that, it’s just days as usual, except more fun because Mom is here!


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  • Humidity Temperature: the pet store here in our area offers me a great deal of discount when i buy from them :,'
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