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So, because I love him…

Posted on: September 28, 2008

I spent all last night looking up new recipes that are easy, fast and efficient, that I can put in Orion’s (and Ennosuke’s) lunch.

I worry less about Ennosuke. He can eat at work. Orion can’t- he has to bag his lunch or pay through the nose for ickie food-court food, like pizza or cheap sandwiches. Not healthy!

So I have discovered recipes for spam fried rice, Omuraisu, chicken katsu. tea marbled eggs, and chicken dumplings, all from Cooking Cute, a bento website I adore.

There’s also recipes for yakionigiri, or fried rice balls, and curry gyoza, both from a site called Lunch in a Box.

Today we’re trying the spam fried rice and a fridge-cleansing yakisoba stir fry.

Now if only I could use stuff before it goes bad! I lost half a box of peaches to mold, a cucumber that got soft before I could get to it, and I still have two more cucumbers, a bag of pluots, a handful of apples, a bag of potatoes and a bunch more peaches.

The peaches, or at least seven of them, are going to a neighbor. I can’t eat them all!

I’ve been thinking of calling my cousin- he’s a chef, I bet he’s got lots of ideas for easy bento fixins.

So I’m off to make some fried rice and pack up a quick lunch for Ennosuke (Orion doesn’t work today) and maybe get a relaxing little bit of time to rest before I make dinner!

Thanks, be safe and have a great day!

Oh! And some other pictures for you:

Abby and Skunk!
9/24: Abby and Skunk!
Finally cut my hair, got the nasty dead stuff off. It feels so nice now!
Finally cut my hair, got the nasty dead stuff off. It feels so nice now!
Our pretty pussycat Coricopat. 9/28
Our pretty pussycat Coricopat. 9/28

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