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What a wonderful evening!

Posted on: October 1, 2008


We had birth classes last night, and it was our turn to bring a snack- so I did.

See Below for what's in here- it's a lot of food!
See Below for what’s in here- it’s a lot of food!

Left to Right
Row A: Cherry tomatoes, a veggie tray with broccoli, cucumber stars and flowers, carrot stars and flowers, and bell pepper slices; a paper handmade box with mozzarella and smoked chedder chunks.

Row B: Tea Marbled hardboiled eggs; apple slices; tiny onigiri with furikake

Onigiri with seasonings closeup
Onigiri with seasonings closeup

The onigiri (rice balls) were made with furikake seasonings- that is, little dried packets of flavoring you mix into the rice. From left to right it’s salmon, pickled plum, and seaweed!

You can imagine, since there’s some odd stuff, I was afraid nobody would eat it. That’s why I brought the veggies, too- just in case. Usually snacks are things like apple slices, or pretzels, or a vegetable mix… very boring and nobody usually brings anything to drink. So it’s water and broccoli -again- which just doesn’t taste good… but I really worried that nobody would eat what I brought, because some of it did look so odd and foreign. I mean, who’d ever heard of pickled plum in rice?

The Leftovers!
The Leftovers!

This is the grand total of what came home. And even it got eaten, but Orion doesn’t count- I knew he’d like it. ^_^ Everything was devoured! I even brought almost a gallon of a peppermint-chamomile tea and that was nearly gone too- not even enough left to fill a paper cup!

I’m so proud of this!

Meanwhile, today was another good day. It actually went according to schedule! I woke up on time, went to my morning appointment and got there with five minutes to spare, which is perfect. Finished up with that, got some groceries, and came home. Ennosuke and I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen we left from making the snack bento last night, and finished the kitchen with two hours before the vet’s appointment. So I made dinner and Orion’s bento for tomorrow’s lunch, and when dinner was finished, the bento made, everyone had eaten, and everything was cleaned, it gave me ten minutes to get ready and go! We finished the vet appointment and came home and now, for the first time in ages, I have nothing to do tonight. All my business is concluded and I can spent the evening guilt-free on the computer, roleplaying and browsing webcomics, and it’s been just an awesome, awesome day.

Here’s tomorrow’s bento for breakfast!

Peaches and garlic bread. It's all held in place by strategic cherry tomatoes!
9/30: Salad with dressing and mozz cheese, cucumber, carrot and bell pepper bits, and broccoli; two cups of spaghetti, two cups of spam fried rice. In the snack bento: Peaches and garlic bread. It’s all held together with strategic placement of cherry tomatoes!

Have a great night, everyone!


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