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Today’s Bento: 10/3

Posted on: October 3, 2008

Good evening!

Orion took a two part bento yesterday, since he’s such a big eater. I should really invest in a Laptop Lunchbox, those would probably hold a more suitable range of food to fill his endless maw. *laughs*

So the bento of the day is:

Orion’s Main Bento
Orion's Snack Bento
Orion’s Snack Bento
Ennosuke's Snack Bento
Ennosuke’s Snack Bento

So in Orion’s main bento, we put… actually a lot of ‘filler’ things. No main dishes or anything. There’s a salad with dressing and pepper rings on top, a couple hard boiled eggs, a pluot (that turned out to be no good anymore, boo!) and some peas, all stabilized with cherry tomatoes. There’s also a tiny bottle of soy sauce under the Wasabi Monkey- which, of course, has wasabi in it!

In his snack one,  I put the ‘main dish’, so to speak- spam fried rice on one side and white rice with salmon furikake mixed into it on the other, all topped with cute little egg stars. In the bottom is a mix of pears and kiwifruit.

In Ennosuke’s bento, which is smaller because… well, he gets a real meal at work too, so he doesn’t have to rely so heavily on food from home, there is just the salmon rice and egg stars, and in the bottom is all pears. Not too original, but still decent!


Spam Fried Rice from the Cooking Cute recipe collection. I added peas and corn to the recipe, just to fill it out a bit, but otherwise it’s the same recipe.

Here’s the bento that Ennosuke took to dinner tonight. It’s very, very simple- cheesy mac hamburger helper and italian herb and cheese rice a roni. I got lazy. XD

Very, very simple.
Very, very simple.

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