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The best part

Posted on: October 12, 2008

You know, the best part about my mate? It’s not that he’s incredibly good looking (Though he is), or that he’s clever and creative (which he also is).

It’s that when the weekend gets here, he’s so very, incredibly kind. All week, he works early shifts, and I do my best to make sure he has food, clean clothes, a (somewhat) organized home. I take care of the dogs, I try to keep things in order…

And when the weekend comes, I don’t even have to ask. He takes the puppy out before she wakes me up, letting me sleep in for the first time all week. He makes supper, anything I ask for. He brings me drinks, he takes me out to the mall, he does all the moving, lifting, and cleaning that I am just too tired to get to… and he does it all with a smile and a sincerely good heart! He doesn’t expect anything back.

I can sit here, online, typing away at my blog- and he’s already made me ravioli for dinner, he’s currently cleaning up some pans in the kitchen to make Rice-a-Roni (my favorite flavor, too!) for a snack afterwords, and he remembered to bring me a glass of milk. He took out the trash and the compost, walked the dogs, and washed the kitchen up a bit.

It’s the best part.


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