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Updating: Leftover Pictures, Bento, and Other Stuff

Posted on: October 15, 2008

Good evening…

Finally! I relax! *stretches out to post* It’s so nice to have finished early a little bit early tonight. Dinner is finished- a goulash, made with leftover spaghetti sauce, a pound of hamburger, and some … rigatoni noodles? I think. It turned out nicely, actually. Very filling, and very easy. I even had leftovers!

So into the morning bento for Orion went some of the goulash (which I don’t think is actually a goulash by technical definition, but it’s what I was taught to make), a salad topped with smoked turkey lunch meat and bell pepper strips and a container of Catalina dressing, and a hard-boiled egg and mozzarella cheese sticks, and some carrot chunks.

Here’s a pic!

See Above for contents
See Above for contents

The other day we went to the pet store, hoping for a shampoo and some dog food. My poor Cocoa has a nasty flea allergy and the house is full of fleas… so we had to buy a special shampoo to help with the itching. Poor baby. At the pet store, we saw… a chinchilla!

Chinchilla on a water bottle!
Chinchilla on a water bottle!

So cute!

Today, though, I have to admit I had a moment of rar… Cocoa got ahold of Abby’s teething Nylabone. It’s not for heavy chewers, and Cocoa wasn’t supposed to get it- she knows better, too! She took it into a corner and chewed it into pieces… all because it was Abby’s special toy and she wasn’t allowed to play with it.

I was so very frustrated! Such a bad dog. I need to buy a new one, now. Abby can chew the little one, but it’s just not good for her to chew on the tattered end.

In other news, Ennosuke found me a picture that I really love! It’s from the LOLdogs pictures.

It was just so cute I couldn’t resist it!

In the meantime, here’s those bento I missed making. Ennosuke made them for Orion while I was exhausted.

10/6 Chunky Soup and Spam Fried Rice
10/6 Chunky Soup and Spam Fried Rice
10/8 Fruit Cocktail, Spam Fried Rice, and Chunky Soup
10/8 Fruit Cocktail, Spam Fried Rice, and Chunky Soup

So nice of him to make these for Orion for me!

So other than that, we’re just resting up. Tomorrow’s going to be so busy! I have a vet appointment for Abby at 10:30, a class on breastfeeding at 1pm, a midwives appointment at 3:30 and more errands in the evening. But it’ll be nice- everything all done in one day!

Have a great night!


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