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After a hectic day

Posted on: October 16, 2008

It’s so nice to sit down after a really busy day and just relax. Yesterday, all those appointments just caught up with me and by seven thirty I was just exhausted. But, my last appointment of the day was with the TV, so I got to put my feet up and relax to the new show on Discovery Channel called Time Warp. So awesome! It’s pretty much a show where they videotape stuff with a slow-motion camera, usually at insanely high (low?) speeds. A guy breaking bricks, the Will It Blend? blender blending things, the bottom blowing out of a beer bottle, and the EepyBird guys doing their thing, just to name a few. It’s pretty cool. Scientifically, it’s accurate but not particularly educational, but AWESOME nonetheless and I plan to continue my watching of water balloons exploding in slow-mo over and over and over…

In other news, I irritated my midwife. Well, one of them. I’m going to Spokane in a week or so, because we found a house over there and I need to be there in person to reassure the landlady that we’re not crazy, we are serious, and we need this house. My options are limited:

A) I go. I run the possible risk of going into labor on the wrong side of the state, and potentially risk having to have a C-section done by a doctor I don’t know. We also secure the house, thus securing our place to live in the new year.

B) Orion goes to Spokane to talk to the lady. We reassure her and secure the house. We also lose a weeks worth of pay, fail to make this month’s rent, and are kicked out of our current house.

C) We don’t go at all. We lose the house we’re trying to get, and wind up homeless in the new year.

Option A seems like my best bet, considering that it’s a POSSIBILITY that I MAY go into labor in the week I’m gone. That consideration takes a back burner to the “Please don’t let us be homeless with a brand new baby in the middle of winter” plea that keeps running in the back of my mind. Therefore, I chose option A. (It’s also less scary when you consider that I have an OB over there lined up who takes my insurance and stuff, just in case something bad does happen.)

My goodness, you’d have thought I was going to Africa, the way my midwife looked at me. *laughs* But I don’t have an option and it needs done. So I’m doing it.

Meanwhile, I took some time last night to prep a bunch of stuff in the Ingredients Drawer for use, making it a lot faster and easier to make lunches (and dinners!) Broccoli got pared down into bite sized pieces, onions got (sort of) chopped (Ennosuke’s still learning how to chop onions into the right size bits), and so on. It’s nice to have ingredients on hand that are pre-prepped.

Dinner was stir-fry with chicken- as was bento the next morning. *laughs*

Chicken and Veg stir-fry over a bed of white rice and noodles. Which you can't see. Container is stir-fry sauce.
Chicken and Veg stir-fry over a bed of white rice and noodles. Which you can’t see… stir-fry sauce in the container.
Chef Salad in the snack bento, with cheese, ham and turkey, an egg, and Catalina dressing.
Chef Salad in the snack bento, with cheese, ham and turkey, an egg, and Catalina dressing.

I didn’t bother mixing the noodles into the stir-fry for the bento- instead I just fried them seperately, put them in the bottom with a bed of white rice as well to take up more space, and spread the veggie-chicken mixture on top of it all. That way he gets the best of both worlds! The chef salad was to give him something not heavy and carb-loaded to get him through his day, too.

I’m not sure what I’ll do for supper tonight, or bento. Ennosuke and Orion both work, so that’s two bento that I need to pack up.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to relax for a bit, go upstairs and rest away from everyone, and …. oh, foo. *has been munching on candy during this post* And wait for tomorrow, evidently, to pop off and get my blood drawn, since it was supposed to be fasting. Oops.

Also, even though this has nothing to do with my day… you have to see the changes:

8/3/08 At Six Weeks

10/16/08 Today
10/16/08 Today

Her first vet visit she was seven pounds. Yesterday she was twenty three! She’s 17 weeks, 18 weeks on the 19th of this month. That’s just over four months! She’s lived with us for more than half her life- we got her at six weeks.

Such a huge change!


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