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Posted on: October 23, 2008

Gotta love a good, spur of the moment vacation.

I finally got my schedule worked around to give me almost a week of free time with no appointments to keep or things to do, and so flew over to Spokane to visit my family. It’s so nice to have time here with them, especially my mom!

Of course, it’s not strictly a pleasure trip. I’m also hoping to check on houses (especially this one place that just sounds like a dream!) and on jobs, in hopes of getting a little bit ahead when we move out here.

In the meantime, not a whole lot has been going on. A lot of doctor’s visits, including one that was probably the most unprofessional appointment of all time, but I don’t want to go into it. It’s not happy and it’s certainly not anything that needs posting out here. I’m just glad I’m done with all that and can relax for a bit.

We made airport bento to snack on while we waited for the flight (which was incredibly short!) and that was nice. No pictures of it, though, or the last few lunches. They were mostly simple anyway- sandwich and soup, with some snacky things in there too. Our airport lunches were fairly easy. Mine was just salad and dressing, a side of raw broccoli, and some heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Dragonsama packed homemade chicken nuggets, cold peas, and her own cornbread. Very simple, very delicious.

So my mom and I spent the afternoon looking around Spokane, and found a few new things that I enjoy. There’s an Asian market that doesn’t carry my gear, like bento boxes or cooking supplies, but they have a really nice authentic selection of groceries, including fresh produce. Their frozen section made my bento-loving heart sing, because (even though I have recipes for steamed pork buns and stuff) I love the idea of being able to just throw frozen gyoza or buns into a steamer and in ten minutes have a nice, fresh lunch. They carried… well, not everything I’m used to, but a nice enough collection that we won’t be stuck without buns or noodles. A little expensive though! I don’t know how long I’ll shop there, but it’s nice to know that I have that option, at least until I find a better way.

We also found the most adorable little tea shop, and I think I accidentally impressed the woman working there. You see, I adore tea. That’s not unusual- a lot of people do. But I’m not a connoisseur, or at least I would never even consider calling myself one. I only know just a little jargon, enough to get my point across. I really enjoy drinking my tea, though, and I do prefer black teas. This place had a lovely, moderate selection of teas- large enough to suit everyone’s tastes but small enough that you know the teas are monitored and regularly changed, so they’re not stale. I was looking for a black tea in orange pekoe, with no flavorings- just plain tea. That means that I’m not looking for “Earl Grey Cream Breakfast Tea with Lavender and Jasmine”. I’m looking for a tea that’s of the highest quality leaf, (orange pekoe tea isn’t a flavor, it’s the grade of tea, meaning that the leaves are still mostly full, unbroken and high grade), made of nothing but properly oxidized tea. No other flavors, added bits- no caramel, no other floral hints. Evidently, the fact that I was very specific in what I wanted, what it should smell like, what the mixture should contain and how strong it should brew to impressed her.

I just like knowing what I want.

I think I might put in my resume there when we’ve moved, and I have a balance with the baby. She wasn’t actively hiring, but it never hurts to try and I would love to work there. They don’t just sell tea, they also make tea. The sort where you sit down and have tiny sandwiches and little cookies and cakes. They have a tea room with nice tableclothes and lovely chairs, with flowers… it’s just very nice. I would love to get into something like that!

Otherwise, it’s mostly been just resting. It feels really nice to get out of the house, although I miss the dogs so much- especially Abby. I wake up at night and I can’t feel her and it’s just heartbreaking.

I think my only pressing needs over here are to collect newspaper help wanted ads, and to talk to the lady about the house that we want to get. So tomorrow, I’ll probably spend a part of the day sorting through baby clothes that keep turning up, maybe make something for a snack that everyone can share or maybe just for me, and maybe take a walk or go out with Mom for something. I know there are some really lovely parks in this city. Maybe I can find a bookstore to visit that carries guides to Spokane or something- so I can really look around properly. Mom hasn’t really explored the city either, so maybe with some decent directions we can really get a feel for the beautiful things that I know must be here, because they’re everywhere if you just know where to look.

Anyway, this post has gotten really long, and it’s getting late. Have a good night, everyone, and be safe and have fun!


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