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Exhausted update

Posted on: November 7, 2008

So, okay. I have a lot of pictures for you, but you just get to wait, because I’m lazy and exhausted.

Halloween came and went with no trick-or-treaters, so we went to pizza… which was nice but slow and so we had to leave early so Ennosuke could get to work.

Cocoa has what we think may be mange, but the vet gave her a shot of ivermectin and some antibiotics, and a special shampoo, and she’s getting better.

Abby is still Abby and cute as ever.

We think we found a good house in Spokane for $1300 a month, which is only $600 each for four people. (Orion and I count as one. Married and all, you know.)

I’ve started having little pre-labor contractions (Braxton-Hicks, not real ones) and it’s.. interesting.

Our hot water heater exploded, the bottom burst out and it flooded the back half of the basement. We got the gas and water shut off and I told the landlord, who will come out tomorrow with someone to replace and install a new one.

My mom is planning on coming out around the 12th or the 14th, so I need to find a place for her to sleep.

*thinks* What else?

I think that’s everything I can think of now… I’ll upload pictures… later.


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