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Half an update, with pictures to come

Posted on: November 17, 2008

Technically, as of Monday the 10th, I am ‘in labor’. However, it’s only pre-labor, the achy, crampy feeling that helps soften and dialate the cervix, so don’t anyone go all “OMG!” on me, because I get enough of that at the moment as it is! My mom is here to help out, so it’s just the waiting game now.

We had an ultrasound done, because the uterus measurements they take each week were measuring a little small. Worried, they ordered the ultrasound to see if he was growing properly.

The machine’s official size: Roughly ten pounds.

Yeah, I think he’s growing well, don’t you?

So we’re doing the waiting game, although when the midwives call me back I’m hoping to make it not be a waiting game. I don’t want to induce labor just yet, but I also don’t want an eleven pound baby. (Or rather, I don’t mind having the baby. It’s the part where I have to get the baby -out- that I don’t want to do.)

As I understand it, there’s a few things we can do here at home, as well as some non-Pitocin things at the doctor’s office. I want to talk to a midwife and discuss my options, and see if this ultrasound will have any effect on our game plan.

In the meantime, I do have some new pictures, but I’m not sure if I can post them just yet. I’m not on my own computer, for reasons made obvious by the new pictures! so if I can find a way to upload them to the site without saving them to this lovely loaner computer, I can give you new stuff.

In the meantime, we pulled up the carpet in the ‘baby’s room’, which is really sort of the halfway between the kitchen and the living room room, revealing that at some point, the carpets got really wet and a lot of gross stuff got spilled on them, leaving the pad covering the floor. Once we got the pad up, we found a layer of mold. Fortunately, it wasn’t the black killer mold, just the normal “Sweet small mercies why?” sort. Between my mom and I, an ENTIRE bottle of Comet cleanser, and three scrubbie sponges and a scrub brush, we successfully went from nasty to actually very pretty. There’s a few discolored places that will never be quite right, but it’s still FAR better than what was in there. No wonder we were getting sick! The house smells better already just for having gotten it up.

That black stuff is mold. Lots of mold.

That black stuff is mold. Lots of mold.





All scrubbed and clean, and waxed three times!

All scrubbed and clean, and waxed three times!


With some torn newspaper from the puppy

With some torn newspaper from the puppy

Also, I got tired of having a long-haired Chihuameranian, and so Koda got a haircut. It’s not groomer quality at all, because I don’t have clippers, so instead he got a lopsided, lumpy-bumpy haircut with scissors, but now he can go to the bathroom without getting his fur dirty, he can go to the dog park and get muddy without gluing himself to the rug when he dries.



On the other hand, he looks ridiculous. Ennosuke holds that he looks like a cat- mom says more like a fox. I say he looks like a sad little shaved rat-cat thing. But it certainly does make his baths a lot easier. Five minutes, tops, and he’s been in, scrubbed, rinsed, and dried. I can do that myself, easily, which means he can get out more at the park because getting muddy or grubby isn’t a forty minute ordeal to clean up anymore.



4lb Licorice bucket full of his shaved hair

4lb Licorice bucket full of his shaved hair

I haven’t done bento since the last time I posted one, so you’re not missing anything there. I just haven’t had the time or the inclination to cook. It’s been so busy getting the house cleaned and stuff, that I just don’t feel like making the effort. We have dinner, we have lunch, we never have leftovers, and I don’t want to make seperate meals for bento.

Cut me some slack. I’m uncomfortable!

Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything left to say. It’s just been waiting, and organizing, and… more waiting.

I’ll edit this post to include pictures to go with the above information, rather than put it in a seperate post. See you later!

Edit: Added pictures 11/18

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