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Good morning from the hospital

Posted on: November 20, 2008

Good morning!

It’s just after eleven, and I’ve been here (at Skagit Hospital) since 7:30am. That’s just too early to get up, in my opinion. ^_^ But it’s for a good cause- I began the induction process this morning around 8:30a with a 5mg dose of prostaglandins. Since then, things have been happening. Not huge things, but things nonetheless! There are more crampy type feelings, more pressure that they tell me is small contractions, and some serious achy feelings. Every hour or so they monitor me for ten or fifteen minutes (or forty-five in this last instance, I think she might have forgotten that I’m still hooked up- not that I mind, I’m actually quite comfortable!) and the rest of the time I’m free to wander the halls or what have you.

So I kill time with browsing online, writing thank you notes to people who’ve given gifts to the baby and I, reviewing stuff I’ve written. It’s all just a waiting game, now. We’ll see!

The next dose will be around 12:20p this afternoon.

Hospital breakfast is ickie, that’s true too… eggs and hashbrowns in a quiche sort of thing, with odd sausages I didn’t eat. I took one bite of the muffin, it’s a carrot spice… bran… thing. Bitter cold coffee too, but with enough creamer and sugar I made a cheap iced latte! Mm, delicious latte. There was milk and orange juice and Rice Krispies too, though, and those were nice. Drinks are free up here right now, which is lovely since I’m thirsty like a greyhound. I have my own snacks too, so if things are particularly ickie, I can always eat those. Also, we ordered pizza. Cold pizza is delicious, too, so it’ll be nice.

Orion gets off at noon and will head this direction then, while Ennosuke and the others are taking care of the dogs at home. One less thing for me to worry about today.

I made hospital bento, but it’s really not cute, and so there’s no pictures of it. It’s mostly grilled chicken picked apart to take out the gross stuff, and white rice. And the bottom of the second bento is full of spice drops, because I like spice drops! Also, I ran out of things to put in the bento boxes.

The cheap store down the road that carries stuff rejected from the stores had a huge supply of Take Five bars, which are my favorite snack right now. They were 5/$1, and I got six bucks worth. I think I have a good supply of them laid by for the next few weeks. I think… between those and the Goldfish, and my lunches, I’m not going to starve no matter how bad the food here is!

Meanwhile, I’m just waiting. I may update later today, we’ll have to see!

Take care, have a great day!

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