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So, an update of proper proportions, minus pictures.

Posted on: December 25, 2008

Good morning!

To update:

As I said earlier, we finished the move. It cost extra since we needed another trailer to get all our stuff here, but in the end we made it. Our house is lovely! It has two bathrooms, although the downstairs shower is tiny. I’ve been in bus bathrooms bigger! But it has a toilet and a sink and a shower, and that means that when someone is showering or sick or getting ready, you don’t have to wait. There’s also decent windows with storm windows on them, so the heat doesn’t escape, and a pellet stove plus electric heat and a woodstove in the basement. It’s awesome. There’s four bedrooms plus a bat-room for Kaelin- that is, a room with no windows, very small. There’s also a pantry, a decent kitchen with counterspace, a space for a table that is our dining space (it’s not a seperate room, just a space at the end of the kitchen), and two seperate living spaces- an upstairs living room, which is full of boxes right now, stacked so high they hide the Christmas tree, and a downstairs playroom that has Dragonsama and Kaelin’s computers, a TV with cable, and the game systems. We have a TV upstairs as well, also with cable. Downstairs is Dragonsama and Kaelin’s rooms, the pantry, and  bathroom. Upstairs is our room, connected to Josh’s nursery by a door between them, and Ennosuke’s room at the other end of the hall, just past our bathroom. Right now, the nursery is also a laundry room. Which I need, desperately, to get in there and clean. I don’t mind using it for laundry, but it’s spread all over with boxes scattered through it… it just needs organized. Desperately.

We also have a garage, which holds one car and some stuff, and a shop that has space for lots of stuff. It’ll be a dojo, this spring. The backyard is fenced in, so the dogs can run and play. Good doggies!

We haven’t set up the ferret cage yet, so they’re all fussy. Five ferrets in one tiny little cage, not so good. Poor loves.

For Christmas, Josh got a frog hat and a moose with a rattle in it’s head, and a stocking. Orion and I got a gift card to the grocery store, and Kaelin got bath salts. Ennosuke and I didn’t get anything, since money is tight- we figured we’ll do our Christmas shopping after money clears up. Orion got a Ninja Chucker Gun, and Dragonsama got a lot- gifts from her family. Fable II, Wii Music, WiiPlay, another wiimote, some body lotion and soaps, and three really gorgeous shirts. She also got rechargable batteries.

Otherwise, we’ve been unpacking. I appear to have lost a box of essential oils and the vacuum cleaner. And two boxes of baby clothes.

We went to my family’s place for Christmas Eve, it was awesome. Aunts, uncles, cousins… it was a small gathering for our family, but it was still fun. Good food! Thank you, Aunt ——! It was awesome!

We’ve found the grocery, the bus station, and the mall, but the snow has kept us inside pretty much constantly. Kaelin left on the bus today to go to the airport, and he said it was a nice enough ride. Took longer than usual, though. He went home for the holidays.

Otherwise, it’s been pretty laid back. Josh is growing so fast, he giggled and smiled today, and he’s fascinated by shiny objects. The dogs are doing well, I just saw my cat walk past packing a washcloth in his mouth, so I assume he’s doing well, too. The ferrets are well except for the lack of cage.

Today was a lazy day- everyone just snacked on junk food and whatever was lying about, we played video games and on the computer all day, and not a single dang thing got done. It was awesome.

More later, plus picture updates!

Good night!


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