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New friends, penpals, and a use for extra breast milk

Posted on: January 10, 2009

So, I was looking on Craigslist for new friends. At first, I thought “Geez, how pathetic must I be to be willing to do this?” And then I realized, it isn’t pathetic at all. No more so than going clubbing or meeting at the library. It’s just the place I hang out, and so I make friends there. And everyone on there who’s posting is in the same boat I am.

So I made a friend, I hope- another girl about my age who likes the same things! Video games, reading, gardening, farmer’s markets… how cool is that? She’s going to have a baby soon too, which means she understands. *nods*

Another girl was looking for a penpal while she’s in Korea- I can do that, too. I’d love to!

Speaking of babies, I found a way to help premature babies and infants in Africa that are orphaned. Courtesy of Prolacta, you can donate your extra breast milk to feed those babies who desperately need it. Since I’m practically a milk cow, and I hate wasting the milk- it’s like wetnursing, only without actually breastfeeding the other babies. I love it! Use my extra to save lives, please!

So I made a bento the other day for Orion, that turned out not bad. Chicken stirfry made with a frozen veg mix. I had extra from dinner, so I took the uncooked portions of noodle, veggies, and chicken and froze them together in a bag for future use. Bam, instant lunch! Add some rice and some pickled ginger and it’s a bento of easy proportions. He did say it was a little dry, though. More sauce next time. Today he’s getting sandwiches, I’m too tired to make something. *nods* Yesterday I made the ginger in a little heart on the rice, though. *laughs*

We went shopping today, so much fun! We got my little bear a new pair of shoes, some clothes he’ll grow into eventually, a new carseat for in Nana’s car, a new diaper bag (for me!) and some new bibs that are cute!

We also had a sort of imprompteau family reunion- my aunt and uncle, and my niece stopped by my other aunt’s house- so my mom, three aunts, two uncles, my dad, and my niece and cousin all got to visit and have a good time. I now have new ringtones! Courtesy of a two hour swap of all things we liked. *laughs* Lots of fun!

Tomorrow the fireplace people are coming out to fix our pellet stove- thank Heavens. It’s freezing in the main house, nobody wants to go out there for the cold. At least the melt has made things a little warmer. the landlord walked through the other day for inspection and it looked good to me. He had suggestions for how to make the drain in the bath work properly, and if it doesn’t help we’ll get repairs for it.

I’m looking for a new freezer- I have one, a deep lovely chest freezer but I want an upright that I can store stuff in down int he basement so I don’t need to go all the way out into the shop to get snacks or ingredients for stirfry. i’m hoping to find one on Craigslist for free or cheap, but if I need I’ll pay a little more for it. I’m not good at pricing things.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and the baby is finally sleeping. It’s coming on bedtime! Take care, be safe y’all!

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