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I am so not good at posting

Posted on: January 25, 2009

But I’m making the effort.

I’d like to say things are busy here, but in reality I’m just not thinking straight.

I’m not thinking much at all, actually. *laughs* So I’ll try to make up for it.

01-23-09-big-boy-cartWe were grocery shopping, and look who sits like a big boy now! He sat up there the whole time, looking around all happy.

01-20-09-happy-boy1My happy boy! He’s such a love, smiling all the time!

01-19-09-sleeping-on-mommyHe fell asleep nestled in my armpit. I’d think it’d be uncomfortable, but he was so asleep. And he was just adorable- I love this picture, it just feels artistic somehow.

01-22-09-sleepingHe fell asleep in the Valley Mall, just after nursing. I just didn’t have the heart to move him.



My bento from my shopping day with my mom. It was supposed to be shared, but she decided to eat at home instead. Grilled chicken strips and bites, with white rice and stir-fry sauce in the container. Also, grapes, turkey, cucumber/carrot/bell peppers, and colby jack cheese, with ranch dressing. It was a good snacky, but if I’d made just mine, there’d have been more cheese, no turkey, and no strips of chicken, or bell peppers. Probably less cucumbers too.

01-24-09-bentoOrion’s bento the other day. My first octodog attempt! We hooked up the deep fryer, so he got fried gyoza, baked sausage buns, a hard boiled egg, frozen grapes, and applesauce (homemade!) and since I ran out of white rice (I know, go figure!) he got fried rice, spam fried rice, gyoza dipping sauce, and two octodogs.

Closeup of Octodog
Closeup of Octodog

I’m sorry the pictures are blurry. All I have is a camera phone, so it’s not high quality photos. I’m hoping to get a camera eventually, but money’s tight.

01-19-09-new-hatOn a slightly sad note, Mat Hatties in Spokane is going out of business- today was their last day. I’ll miss them! They were a lovely little tea shop. I got eight ounces of English Breakfast (broken orange pekoe, it smells heavenly!) and two hats to remember them by. This is my ‘casual’ hat, and I know the picture isn’t the best, but I took it at the hair-dressers during my mom’s appointment. (On another note, there’s my cameraphone! A Chocolate. You can see why my pics are fuzzy. I’m not known for a steady hand!) You can’t see in this pic, but it’s got a little sparkly buckle on the other side. I also got a ‘tea hat’ that I’ll have to get a picture of next time I have a tea party.

We’re in the planning for Lunar New Year on the 26th- soba noodles, mochi cakes, anko to make onigiri and other treats with, homemade noodles… I’m not sure what else. It’s been an adventure in cooking.

I’ve found more to add to my wishlist… and that is the art of Ursula Vernon. It’s my happy place. Especially the Wizard of Tea and the ABC’s.
Go forth and see her stuff. Buy her stuff, as she makes her living off of painting and writing. Her children’s book ‘Nurk’ is out, too. Also, her webcomic “Digger” is spectacular, although you can only read so much without subscribing. Honestly? Worth the subscription. TOTALLY worth the subscription.

Anyway, have an awesome day, and see you another time!


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