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Posted on: February 2, 2009

So, my sister is coming for a visit! Sometime the beginning of March. I can’t wait!

I have bento pictures for you, too, and some new baby pics as well.

01-26-09-bento-new-yearNew Year Bento for Orion to take to work with him and share with his coworkers: The hearts are just plain rice with furikake sprinkles, and the other container is chicken and potato croquettes and crab rangoon. The broccoli are there to keep things from moving.

02-01-09-bento-snack-benMy dinner bento! Since Orion is ill today, I haven’t had much chance to eat (between the baby and the chores). So Ennosuke was kind enough to make me a snack… that’s cocktail smokies wrapped in croissant and baked, with the leftover smokes fried (dark like I like them!) and summer sausage along the front with Ritz crackers around the edge. It came with a glass of milk, even!

Puck, my dear ferret, is ill. I think the stresses caught up to him, and he lost a lot of weight, refusing to eat. The vet recommended fluids, and so I’ve been doing his treatments at home- 25cc of subceutaneous fluids every twelve hours, and a special diet to put some meat back on his tiny bones. He’s active, at least a little more so now, and he’s fighting the feedings so I think he’s improving.

Unfortunately, his blood sugar is still really low. He’s got very pale gums and he’s not acting very lively. I missed his vet appointment, I think. I’ll take him in soon, though. It’s very important.


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