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I’ve updated the Sakura Blossoms page, and it’s full of ideas.

Otherwise, my birthday is coming up… I think I’d like to celebrate nice and quiet, doing something I love. Tea maybe, or a fun single-shot tabletop RP game, or maybe just lay at home and read a good book. We don’t really have the money to do a lot, so I’m going to enjoy it by playing around and resting!

…. I’m not sure why I put tea in the subject, since I’m afraid all I have to say on it is more rambling about the beauty of a fresh poured cup, which I’ve been enjoying a lot of recently. ^_^




My entry to the Cost bento of the month contest at Lunch In A Box Forums.

Salad: Broccoli and peppers (Broccoli: 1¢; pepper: 1¢)

Orange Wedge: < 1¢

Strawberry: 3¢

Chicken: 5¢

Rice:  4¢

Teriyaki Sauce: 3¢

Explanation: I bought the chicken at 79¢/lb, and used roughly an ounce. That’s 4.9¢, rounded to 5. The rice is 50lbs for $18 which is 36¢/lb, and I used roughly 2oz. That’s approximately 4¢. The broccoli, pepper, orange and strawberries were bought from a farmer’s market- broccoli was 28¢/lb, the orange was 35¢/lb, the peppers are 8/$1,  and the strawberries were a dollar per box, with roughly 30 berries in each. With a quarter ounce each of pepper and broccoli, that comes to 2¢ of veggies. The orange came to 3¢, divided into quarters makes it less than a penny per wedge. The strawberry came to 3¢. The sauce was homemade with mirin and soy, both bought in bulk. The entire container came to under 3¢.

That makes my grand total come to 18¢  to fill a 120ml box. It’s not a grand luncheon, but it’s a nice snack. You can triple all the ingredients and make a nice lunch meal for 54¢, and double -that- make a good sized meal for a man for just over a dollar. It’s also nutritionally balanced- a carb, a veggie, a protein, a pair of fruits, and a seasoning. Mine comes to (roughly) 63 calories and 6g of carbs, and since it’s roasted chicken, the flavor is very rich and salt becomes unneccessary. I only added the sauce for color in the bottle… I didn’t use it when I ate the meal! So to triple that calorie count and you’ve got 126 calories and 18g of carbs, which means it’s good for all diets, including insulin resistant, diabetic, and low fat/low carb. No nutritional deficiencies!


Posted on: March 15, 2009

I’ve been looking up tea houses in the local area and it appears that (since the closing of Mad Hattie’s) there are two is one: SereniTea Tea Room and Brambleberry Tea Cottage.

Brambleberry doesn’t offer an online menu, but SereniTea does, and it’s quite affordable, I’ve found. With my sister coming (the end of May, now) and an imminent trip to Seattle when she arrives, I’ve been looking for things to do in the spring.

I’ve also included the Manito Park Gardens on our itinerary, in hopes of seeing the flowers blooming and perhaps taking lunch in the Japanese Gardens.

We took the bus downtown yesterday and had quite an adventure! We even caught a random bus… it sort of abandoned us at the end of it’s route, and we had to walk to the next major road to catch another back to the station. On the other hand, it did show us some lovely homes and a beautiful view of the river and the Falls.

We’d like to explore more, but it’s difficult when Ennosuke has to work all the time. But, such is the life of a freelance programmer.

I was suppose to go to my grandmother’s, but with a head cold I shouldn’t risk passing it on. I stayed home today, although that doesn’t mean I was allowed to stop working on my ‘flower’. It’s rather… poorly stitched, but it’s a start.

Take care!

Edit: I’ve struck out SereniTea, as it appears that (in spite of Google returning it as in Spokane) it is in Houston, Texas. Foo.

I mean, I know that people look at this site, because the stats tell me so. But it’s hard to find a reason to update these days. I have pictures to post, I suppose, but then I get strange looks from people along with the comment “You’re putting your BABY online? >> Well… isn’t that… you know… *whispers* unsafe?”

As if more than five people read this page. And two of them live with me. ><

So, these days my cooking has petered off a bit, since I can’t seem to find my inspiration for new recipes. I have a new recipe box, though, to fill up with interesting ideas, and that may help me feel more … encouraged to cook. I’ve also taken up embroidery again, although I haven’t done it since I was very young and my great-grandmother first taught me the basics of ‘women’s craft’. She made sure I could tell which end of a needle was proper, thread it correctly, how to tie knots of the sewing persuasion (my dad taught me knots of the binding sort) and how to crochet a basic chain. She taught me to sew buttons and how to select scraps of cloth that would look nice together.

My grandmother (her daughter) has taken up those lessons, and now I am old enough to appreciate what I’m learning. Embroidery is so elegant and it’s something I can do in my quiet time… not that there’s much of it! I’d like to learn to sew, too. Patterns are beyond me, I’m afraid.  I’d like to make my own clothes- I think I found the style I like best, and it’s the EGA- Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. And before you get images of great fluffy bustles and yards of lace spilling everywhere, my personal preference is the sleek, delicate style. (I really love the lolita look, with it’s muffin-shaped skirts and delicately embroidered accents, but I am just too old and too big to look good in baby-doll anything). I do admit a weakness for pretty hats, though.

And tea. Definitely tea. Ohhh, tea parties are the love of my life! A hot mug of Irish breakfast tea while I’m nestled into a blanket on a cold, foggy morning in bed… a delicate porcelain cup with rose petals painted on the fluted edges filled with an English black… watching orange pekoe leaves unfurl delicately in the hot but not boiling water… oh, yes, Heaven is full of the best quality teas. And delicate little tables in a sunny corner with a lace tablecloth and a lovely painted teapot.

… and now that I have waxed entirely too poetic on my favorite drink, I shall move on to something less irritating. I’m not sure what, but something.


Cocoa’s mange appears to have returned with a vengence, and her vet seems unwilling to give the treatment that served us so well in the past. It will be up to me, I suppose.

My little Bear is doing so well, also! He rolled over all on his own a few days ago, and he has finally figured out how to get things to his mouth.

Orion’s parents came for a visit this last weekend, and I believe they had a good time- I’m not sure, I didn’t ask, but they did seem to enjoy themselves. It was a bit cold for them, though, I believe! It snowed the whole weekend, and we didn’t get to the parks, but we did take a lovely jaunt through the mall and a nice dinner with my mom and dad on their last night in. I didn’t know that we’d be able to, since my mom only just got back from her own vacation, but the timing was impeccable! I’m so glad.

Mom also bought my Bear a bouncy seat, too. He’s just loving it, but it’s definitely not a ‘play alone’ toy… he only wants to play in it if someone is sitting right there to play with. He’s like that, though- he doesn’t enjoy playing alone. I don’t mind… I like playing with him.

Otherwise, it’s work and play as usual. I really can’t wait for the nice weather- my garden isn’t going to get going by sitting there untended! I do need to find planks, though. I’m not sure if mine came over with us. And I need to talk to my grandfather and find how much fill-dirt costs. I’d like to make raised beds to help keep the dogs out of them, but I suppose we’ll see what I can afford this year.

Best of days to you!


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