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Posted on: March 15, 2009

I’ve been looking up tea houses in the local area and it appears that (since the closing of Mad Hattie’s) there are two is one: SereniTea Tea Room and Brambleberry Tea Cottage.

Brambleberry doesn’t offer an online menu, but SereniTea does, and it’s quite affordable, I’ve found. With my sister coming (the end of May, now) and an imminent trip to Seattle when she arrives, I’ve been looking for things to do in the spring.

I’ve also included the Manito Park Gardens on our itinerary, in hopes of seeing the flowers blooming and perhaps taking lunch in the Japanese Gardens.

We took the bus downtown yesterday and had quite an adventure! We even caught a random bus… it sort of abandoned us at the end of it’s route, and we had to walk to the next major road to catch another back to the station. On the other hand, it did show us some lovely homes and a beautiful view of the river and the Falls.

We’d like to explore more, but it’s difficult when Ennosuke has to work all the time. But, such is the life of a freelance programmer.

I was suppose to go to my grandmother’s, but with a head cold I shouldn’t risk passing it on. I stayed home today, although that doesn’t mean I was allowed to stop working on my ‘flower’. It’s rather… poorly stitched, but it’s a start.

Take care!

Edit: I’ve struck out SereniTea, as it appears that (in spite of Google returning it as in Spokane) it is in Houston, Texas. Foo.


2 Responses to "Tea"

I’ve been looking forward to Spring so I can check out Manito park also. I’ve been told is beautiful! And I also want to see the Japanese Garden. Another great one is Maribeau Park. There is a beautiful waterfall and pond, and some great walking areas. We went there last fall and it was amazing. I’d love to get together for tea sometime.

There is a new tea shop called Taste and See Ministries. It’s at 1921 W. 9th. There number is 939-1856 They are open Wed. thur Sat. 11:00 to 4:00 You can go in anytime to have scones and tea and have to make reservations for Afternoon Tea

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