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Bento of the Month Sub: Cost

Posted on: March 25, 2009


My entry to the Cost bento of the month contest at Lunch In A Box Forums.

Salad: Broccoli and peppers (Broccoli: 1¢; pepper: 1¢)

Orange Wedge: < 1¢

Strawberry: 3¢

Chicken: 5¢

Rice:  4¢

Teriyaki Sauce: 3¢

Explanation: I bought the chicken at 79¢/lb, and used roughly an ounce. That’s 4.9¢, rounded to 5. The rice is 50lbs for $18 which is 36¢/lb, and I used roughly 2oz. That’s approximately 4¢. The broccoli, pepper, orange and strawberries were bought from a farmer’s market- broccoli was 28¢/lb, the orange was 35¢/lb, the peppers are 8/$1,  and the strawberries were a dollar per box, with roughly 30 berries in each. With a quarter ounce each of pepper and broccoli, that comes to 2¢ of veggies. The orange came to 3¢, divided into quarters makes it less than a penny per wedge. The strawberry came to 3¢. The sauce was homemade with mirin and soy, both bought in bulk. The entire container came to under 3¢.

That makes my grand total come to 18¢  to fill a 120ml box. It’s not a grand luncheon, but it’s a nice snack. You can triple all the ingredients and make a nice lunch meal for 54¢, and double -that- make a good sized meal for a man for just over a dollar. It’s also nutritionally balanced- a carb, a veggie, a protein, a pair of fruits, and a seasoning. Mine comes to (roughly) 63 calories and 6g of carbs, and since it’s roasted chicken, the flavor is very rich and salt becomes unneccessary. I only added the sauce for color in the bottle… I didn’t use it when I ate the meal! So to triple that calorie count and you’ve got 126 calories and 18g of carbs, which means it’s good for all diets, including insulin resistant, diabetic, and low fat/low carb. No nutritional deficiencies!


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