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Still not shy.

My dogs got into a fight this morning. This is the third fight in four days… and the first one to draw blood from human flesh.

Mirax, the poor thing, is evidently morally reprehensible to Cocoa, who feels the need to attack her viciously for the slightest provocation. The first fight drew blood from Mirax’s ear. The second was mercifully interrupted just prior to a second bloodletting.

The third added another nick to Mirax’s ear and a nasty scratch to her head, a bitter looking but fairly small cut to Kaelin’s finger- through the dead skin. It also added a centimeter long gash-puncture to the fleshy back of my thumb about an inch below the bottom joint.

I went to the urgent care, after thoroughly washing it with hot soapy water (irrigated it with a syringe) and they complimented Noske on his wash job, and then bandaged me up. No stitches- they don’t want it to close until it’s drained.

I’m so tired.


It’s been way longer than I like to post, but it’s been difficult to find things to post about.

We went to Manito Park and the conservatory, and got loads of pictures which I promptly misplaced as I set my camera down somewhere and now have no clue.

My birthday was this week… last week? On the 16th, and it was spent riding the bus to DSHS and home again, and then taking a nap. Oh, and having a nice lunch. (Dragonsama messed up her knee and was hoping for emergency medical. They wouldn’t even talk to her. The lady was quite rude about it.)

Since then it’s been playtime, rest time, work time. Three dozen sugar cookies, three dozen peanut butter cookies. None of them were sold at the dance they were made for, though. *sighs* Ah, well. Such is life, I guess. I just wish they had come home again. >< I have no cookies!

I’ve been terrible today- my breakfast was chips and a soda. The baby has had a more balanced lunch of chicken and milk. He’s starting slowly on solids, although it’s more of a game than a food right now, and he gets a bath every day after lunch. *laughs* Chicken in everything!

Work is going slow on the new game, although things are getting done.

I need to buy a new toilet seat, but I didn’t measure it before I went yesterday. I need ferret food today, as well. Desperately.

So, yeah. That’s been my last few weeks.

^_^ Cheers!


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