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I think I skip sundays, right? Do sundays count in lent?

Today we had two bouts of food poisoning. Jeri left her ham out too long and spent all morning throwing up, and Errant got sick yesterday morning and spent the whole day with cramping and pain.

This morning’s remedy: Wormwood tincture. Rosalee de la Foret recommends (on Susun Weed’s recommendation) 3 drops tincture in some water every hour until symptoms subside (or four doses). So far, it seems to be working. It’s almost time for round two, we’ll have to see.


Spending the afternoon figuring out exactly what herbs I need to take to camp this year. So far, the list is short but efficient:

St John’s Wort Oil
Arnica Oil/Gel
Ice Packs
Plaintain Oil/Salve
St John’s Wort Tincture
Yarrow Tincture
Healing Salve (make fresh!)
Cottonwood oil/salve
Osha Tincture

So it’s not all herbs, but that’s a pretty sound first aid kit.

Hey, look at my bad math!

I didn’t herb about today, sorry. It’s been an emotional and trying day, not that anything happened. Just emotional.

Um… lets see. I cooked today, but I don’t really think that was herbal.

Nope. Nothing. Sorry.

Josh’s been sick, throwing up, I was sick, throwing up and then surgery, and Orion was sick. Errant’s not sick. yet.
Jerika and I went to the park and saw the new buds, also the marshmallow is coming up in the yard. I added more vodka to the cinnamon tincture, so it can do it’s thing. The red-ginseng chips in vodka from last november are nearly colorless now, white instead of red, and the vodka is bold and brilliant ruby.

Otherwise, not much to report. >< So tired.

Because I haven’t thought about it, I haven’t posted anything- nothing important to say. But Lent started on Wednesday, and today is Friday.

Orion gave up soda for Lent. I don’t know that Errant did anything.

I chose to sacrifice time. Every day of Lent, my goal is to do something herbal. Wednesday I started Cinnamon Tincture (which is already ridiculously strong, oh my goodness!) and set aside my pickled burdock, made a gift bag of pickled burdock and comfrey ointment and oil for a friend of mine who bruised her tailbone badly. Thursday I was in surgery all day for a hernia, but when I arrived home I made comfrey infusion, mixed it with milk and honey, and drank that. Today I am not nearly so sore as yesterday, and another batch of infusion and milk, this time with cinnamon and yarrow for the bleeding.

This afternoon I will … probably taste those pickled burdock roots, since I haven’t tasted them since they were put under-brine and canned.



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