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Lent: Days one, two, and three

Posted on: February 19, 2010

Because I haven’t thought about it, I haven’t posted anything- nothing important to say. But Lent started on Wednesday, and today is Friday.

Orion gave up soda for Lent. I don’t know that Errant did anything.

I chose to sacrifice time. Every day of Lent, my goal is to do something herbal. Wednesday I started Cinnamon Tincture (which is already ridiculously strong, oh my goodness!) and set aside my pickled burdock, made a gift bag of pickled burdock and comfrey ointment and oil for a friend of mine who bruised her tailbone badly. Thursday I was in surgery all day for a hernia, but when I arrived home I made comfrey infusion, mixed it with milk and honey, and drank that. Today I am not nearly so sore as yesterday, and another batch of infusion and milk, this time with cinnamon and yarrow for the bleeding.

This afternoon I will … probably taste those pickled burdock roots, since I haven’t tasted them since they were put under-brine and canned.



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