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I have a lot of places online that I look at nearly daily- most of them comics, a handful of blogs. Everything listed here I read.


Venus Envy
Venus Envy is Rated WEB-14 and probably isn’t suitable for younger viewers or those who find the following things offensive: Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Transsexuality, Jews, Slapstick, Mixed-Religion Marriages, Women in the Workplace, Women in Pants, Plot, Girls’ Soccer, or Chickens teaching Hard Science.

Kawaii Not
Cute gone wrong. Very, very wrong.

Questionable Content
I think it’s an indie comic, but I’m not really a ‘scene’ sort of person… so to me, it’s just a funny-fun-cool comic that I enjoy a whole lot and have been reading for… years!

Looking For Group
A World of Warcraft based comic that inevitably leaves me pleased and amused and oftentimes singing.

Pretty, sweet, innocent college girl surviving in the dorms. Okay, it doesn’t sound as awesome as it really is… but it is!

Girl Genius
Awesome art. Spectacular story. Humor, drama, robots! Also, a talking cat.

Used to be funny, now it’s more dramatic. Still a good story, and beautiful, beautiful art!

Least I Could Do
Made by the same guys as Looking For Group. Please be warned it’s vulgar, but it’s funny and I like to read it!

Two Lumbs: The Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch
A cute comic about cats. Two cats in particular- and everyone has a Snooch in the world. Even if that Snooch is -not- a cat.

WTF Comics
I believe it’s based on Everquest. Updates sporadically, but dramatically!

A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Only funny for smart people!

DMFA: Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures
A cute comic that is delightfully sparkly, bubbling, and actually pleasantly mindless- I mean that in a good way! Not a lot of drama, tears or anything else that makes you sad. Just cute things, funny things, and playful fun.

Better Days
A comic for grownups. A very good plot, and lovely art (including nice fanservice!) but not for children. Sex and more. Also, furry.

Wasted Talent
A fun, playful comic that will inevitably lead to inside jokes!

Kevin and Kell
Hard to explain. Funny, though, and touching, and very good!

Girls with Slingshots
It’s listed as “Two girls, a bar and a talking cactus.” It’s actually more girls than two. There is a bar, however, and a talking cactus… and a vaguely retarded hypoallergenic cat.

Closing soon, as the creator and artist Garth moves on to another idea. Worth bookmarking, reading from the beginning, and you will inevitably start discussing things with your shoulder angel, shoulder devil… and penguin.

The Devil’s Panties
…. NOT Satanic porn. It is, in fact, a really amusing and fun comic done by Jennie Breeden. Yeah, the spelling has issues. So what? The humor comes through, and Jennie is ADORABLE.

Geebas On Parade
A comic also done by Jennie Breeden (0f the Devil’s Panties) about LARP.

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire
A wonderful, I repeat WONDERFUL comic. The art is lovely but not cluttered, the characters are well-rounded and full of life, and there’s enough bad puns to keep even a Xanth addict happy! Drama, love stories, happy endings… it’s never overly sappy and never so dramatical or sad that you can’t remember why you bother. It’s just my favorite right now!

More Coming


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