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It’s been way longer than I like to post, but it’s been difficult to find things to post about.

We went to Manito Park and the conservatory, and got loads of pictures which I promptly misplaced as I set my camera down somewhere and now have no clue.

My birthday was this week… last week? On the 16th, and it was spent riding the bus to DSHS and home again, and then taking a nap. Oh, and having a nice lunch. (Dragonsama messed up her knee and was hoping for emergency medical. They wouldn’t even talk to her. The lady was quite rude about it.)

Since then it’s been playtime, rest time, work time. Three dozen sugar cookies, three dozen peanut butter cookies. None of them were sold at the dance they were made for, though. *sighs* Ah, well. Such is life, I guess. I just wish they had come home again. >< I have no cookies!

I’ve been terrible today- my breakfast was chips and a soda. The baby has had a more balanced lunch of chicken and milk. He’s starting slowly on solids, although it’s more of a game than a food right now, and he gets a bath every day after lunch. *laughs* Chicken in everything!

Work is going slow on the new game, although things are getting done.

I need to buy a new toilet seat, but I didn’t measure it before I went yesterday. I need ferret food today, as well. Desperately.

So, yeah. That’s been my last few weeks.

^_^ Cheers!



Posted on: March 15, 2009

I’ve been looking up tea houses in the local area and it appears that (since the closing of Mad Hattie’s) there are two is one: SereniTea Tea Room and Brambleberry Tea Cottage.

Brambleberry doesn’t offer an online menu, but SereniTea does, and it’s quite affordable, I’ve found. With my sister coming (the end of May, now) and an imminent trip to Seattle when she arrives, I’ve been looking for things to do in the spring.

I’ve also included the Manito Park Gardens on our itinerary, in hopes of seeing the flowers blooming and perhaps taking lunch in the Japanese Gardens.

We took the bus downtown yesterday and had quite an adventure! We even caught a random bus… it sort of abandoned us at the end of it’s route, and we had to walk to the next major road to catch another back to the station. On the other hand, it did show us some lovely homes and a beautiful view of the river and the Falls.

We’d like to explore more, but it’s difficult when Ennosuke has to work all the time. But, such is the life of a freelance programmer.

I was suppose to go to my grandmother’s, but with a head cold I shouldn’t risk passing it on. I stayed home today, although that doesn’t mean I was allowed to stop working on my ‘flower’. It’s rather… poorly stitched, but it’s a start.

Take care!

Edit: I’ve struck out SereniTea, as it appears that (in spite of Google returning it as in Spokane) it is in Houston, Texas. Foo.

Okay! Lets see where I left off.

At last update I had a sinus cold. That’s over and gone with, hooray! The baby feels much better too, and we got a very cute humidifier.

$35 at Target! Rar!
$35 at Target! Rar!

It’s made a huge difference in both his and my head colds. Delightful! A lovely lady at the Rockwood Valley Clinic made the suggestion and we’re very grateful!

So, as I mentioned- I got a new laptop and a new computer.

Lovely, aren’t they?


Mkay. So on the 19th, we went out to Bostons for dinner after a fun day at Riverfront Park Plaza (I think that’s what it’s called! The ‘mall’ by the park). The pictures from the day out didn’t turn out so hot (We went to see Coraline again!) but dinner’s did. This is one of the few that worked, taken from the parking garage of a series of runner statues. It’s a little creepy at first!


This one was taken from the escalator in the shopping center of the street and architecture. It’s not perfect but you get the idea.


This is me and Ennosuke. Orion took the picture- evidentally the menu contained delicious food ideas! (That’s my laptop, by the way. Pretty…)


This is a panoramic of the restaurant. They’re very bright and colorful!


It was a fun night.


I got more pictures of the pets, too!

Coricopat, the noisy cat
Coricopat, the noisy cat
The dogs- Mirax, Koda and Abby, and Cocoa
The dogs- Mirax, Koda and Abby, and Cocoa
Puut, pretty ferret. This is the twelft attempt.
Puut, pretty ferret. This is the twelfth attempt.
This was our second-best picture.
This was our second-best picture.

They’ve been off and on behaving, and it’s been interesting. The neighbors complained that the dogs were barking, but I swear they were inside. Wierd.

Sleeping Digby
Sleeping Digby


I’ve got a load of new pictures of the baby, too!


Such a handsome guy…


On to bento!

I got new gear. A nifty little bento with three compartments and silverware in the lid. Very nice! Two bucks at the grocery outlet.


I packed a lunch for Orion, for tomorrow’s work. Silly me, he has tomorrow off! But here’s the pictures of it anyway.


There’s chicken and mashed potatoes, (and a thing of gravy but it’s not pictured), glazed carrots, a small container of mixed veggies, two steamed dumplings, two fried miso-tuna-tofu hearts, a miso-marinated chickie egg (that looks like a demented snowman) and some broccoli florets, and a radish with hearts. The sauces are ranch and catalina for his veggies. This is, by far, the cutest bento I’ve ever made. *laughs*


Snack bento I made for my mom. On top is a rice ball, some chicken breast, and some steamed broccoli with a little sauce container of teriyaki sauce. On the bottom was fail-snack. It was leftover alfredo mixed with some crumbled chicken breast and steamed broccoli, and chicken on the side- but the chicken was bad. It was my dinner, and supposed to be her next-day snack, but it gave me food poisoning. I dumped it out. She had a different snack, and I didn’t have time for a picture. It was… if I remember, there was a babybel cheese, some crackers, some broccoli (I had lots) and some meatloaf cut into a flower on a rice ball (also cut into a flower). It appears Orion has a pic on his phone, I’ll update that shortly.


It’s a Very Brown Bento! *laughs* There’s the drumsticks of a Cornish Game Hen on a bed of white rice, three gyoza and some heart croquettes, a chili-powder tuna-miso-tofu heart, a soy-marinated egg, three little ‘flowers’ of the same tofu-miso-tuna mix that are pan fried instead of deep fried, and some meatloaf. The side dish is fried rice. It’s all very brown in color, but very delicious in flavor.


I’ve installed Photoshop on here, and I plan to fiddle with it for a while and see if I can get the hang of making compilations so that instead of pages and pages of big pictures you can just load one picture that’s all of them in miniature.  Ennosuke says I can even learn to use ImageReady to make little animated gifs. That’s be cute, too!


I finished a new book, called The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey. It’s the fourth book in the Five Hundred Kingdoms series, and I highly recommend them all. This one was a little disappointing, but not in the writing- only because I simply cannot figure out the fairy tale it’s based around!


Anyway, it’s 4:14 in the morning and I’m pretty exhausted. The baby is sleeping and I should do likewikes if I’m to be up and existing tomorrow! Take care!


Posted on: October 23, 2008

Gotta love a good, spur of the moment vacation.

I finally got my schedule worked around to give me almost a week of free time with no appointments to keep or things to do, and so flew over to Spokane to visit my family. It’s so nice to have time here with them, especially my mom!

Of course, it’s not strictly a pleasure trip. I’m also hoping to check on houses (especially this one place that just sounds like a dream!) and on jobs, in hopes of getting a little bit ahead when we move out here.

In the meantime, not a whole lot has been going on. A lot of doctor’s visits, including one that was probably the most unprofessional appointment of all time, but I don’t want to go into it. It’s not happy and it’s certainly not anything that needs posting out here. I’m just glad I’m done with all that and can relax for a bit.

We made airport bento to snack on while we waited for the flight (which was incredibly short!) and that was nice. No pictures of it, though, or the last few lunches. They were mostly simple anyway- sandwich and soup, with some snacky things in there too. Our airport lunches were fairly easy. Mine was just salad and dressing, a side of raw broccoli, and some heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Dragonsama packed homemade chicken nuggets, cold peas, and her own cornbread. Very simple, very delicious.

So my mom and I spent the afternoon looking around Spokane, and found a few new things that I enjoy. There’s an Asian market that doesn’t carry my gear, like bento boxes or cooking supplies, but they have a really nice authentic selection of groceries, including fresh produce. Their frozen section made my bento-loving heart sing, because (even though I have recipes for steamed pork buns and stuff) I love the idea of being able to just throw frozen gyoza or buns into a steamer and in ten minutes have a nice, fresh lunch. They carried… well, not everything I’m used to, but a nice enough collection that we won’t be stuck without buns or noodles. A little expensive though! I don’t know how long I’ll shop there, but it’s nice to know that I have that option, at least until I find a better way.

We also found the most adorable little tea shop, and I think I accidentally impressed the woman working there. You see, I adore tea. That’s not unusual- a lot of people do. But I’m not a connoisseur, or at least I would never even consider calling myself one. I only know just a little jargon, enough to get my point across. I really enjoy drinking my tea, though, and I do prefer black teas. This place had a lovely, moderate selection of teas- large enough to suit everyone’s tastes but small enough that you know the teas are monitored and regularly changed, so they’re not stale. I was looking for a black tea in orange pekoe, with no flavorings- just plain tea. That means that I’m not looking for “Earl Grey Cream Breakfast Tea with Lavender and Jasmine”. I’m looking for a tea that’s of the highest quality leaf, (orange pekoe tea isn’t a flavor, it’s the grade of tea, meaning that the leaves are still mostly full, unbroken and high grade), made of nothing but properly oxidized tea. No other flavors, added bits- no caramel, no other floral hints. Evidently, the fact that I was very specific in what I wanted, what it should smell like, what the mixture should contain and how strong it should brew to impressed her.

I just like knowing what I want.

I think I might put in my resume there when we’ve moved, and I have a balance with the baby. She wasn’t actively hiring, but it never hurts to try and I would love to work there. They don’t just sell tea, they also make tea. The sort where you sit down and have tiny sandwiches and little cookies and cakes. They have a tea room with nice tableclothes and lovely chairs, with flowers… it’s just very nice. I would love to get into something like that!

Otherwise, it’s mostly been just resting. It feels really nice to get out of the house, although I miss the dogs so much- especially Abby. I wake up at night and I can’t feel her and it’s just heartbreaking.

I think my only pressing needs over here are to collect newspaper help wanted ads, and to talk to the lady about the house that we want to get. So tomorrow, I’ll probably spend a part of the day sorting through baby clothes that keep turning up, maybe make something for a snack that everyone can share or maybe just for me, and maybe take a walk or go out with Mom for something. I know there are some really lovely parks in this city. Maybe I can find a bookstore to visit that carries guides to Spokane or something- so I can really look around properly. Mom hasn’t really explored the city either, so maybe with some decent directions we can really get a feel for the beautiful things that I know must be here, because they’re everywhere if you just know where to look.

Anyway, this post has gotten really long, and it’s getting late. Have a good night, everyone, and be safe and have fun!

It’s been a lovely weekend. A lovely three day weekend! We went to the Evergreen State Fair on Saturday, which is always a blast. Did you know that you cannot find a caramel apple there that isn’t made from a Granny Smith apple? I had to settle for … okay, it wasn’t settling. I got all sorts of delicious goodness! Stir-fried noodles, cotton candy, a bag of mixed taffies and peanut-butter and chocolate fudge from Savannah Sweets (Which, evidently, actually started in Savannah, on River Street! How cool is that!) and even ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. I would like to note that liquid nitrogen ice cream is by far the absolute best ice cream I have ever had. It’s a hard ice cream, not a soft-serve, but it’s so smooth and creamy that you couldn’t imagine it being frozen as solid as it is!

We saw giant cows, which amused me to no end because most of my roommates have never been up close and personal with a cow- they’re a lot bigger in person. A pig in the petting zoo tried to eat Ennosuke’s shoe. The chickens were actually friendly, and we saw a GIANT rabbit. He must have been a good thirty pounds! That’s a lot of bun.

We didn’t make it to the rodeo this year, which sucks, but there’s plenty of that all summer around here. I’ll just find another one that isn’t so expensive to go to.

We did the shopping thing, going through the booths and looking at all the stuff for sale- jewelry cleaner, chamois cloths that aren’t actually chamois but still work really well (I have a set from last year). This hanging hammock bed thing that was incredible!

And, of course… the star-show.

*shivers* Oooh. It’s amazing every single year, and every year I promise myself “As soon as you own a house and will live there for good, your bedrooms are decorated with stars.” It comes from a company called StellarVision, distributed by Starshow International and every year at the fair, they have a booth with a dark, tiny room that leaves everyone who goes inside it speechless, breathless and wanting one.

Basically, they use a glow-in-the-dark paint to create a night sky of your choosing on the ceiling and walls of your room of choice. And before you think “Hey, didn’t I have those stick-on star things as a kid?” this is COMPLETELY not the same. It is incredible- like they peeled away your room and you’re sleeping under the stars. And they can do any night you want- your wedding, your anniversary, your birthday, your kids’ birthdays. Any night of your choice! How cool is that?

… okay, enough enchanted rhapsodizing over the beautiful rooms.

We did the midway stuff too- browsed through the aisles of endless men and women trying to convince us that their game was completely and totally not rigged in any way… but we didn’t indulge. Rigged, tricky, or not… we preferred the food-based treats we got with our money over the terrifying and cheap toys that we inevitably win. That’s not to say carnival games aren’t fun! I love them! Especially the dart ones. I just never play them to win, or to get something. That’s just frustrating.

We, unfortunately, could not enjoy the rides this year. Not only were we low on cash, but at seven months pregnant, carnival rides are strictly off-limits to me. I can ride the carousel, except the line wrapped halfway around the fairgrounds… so this year, I settled for an extra bag of cotton candy and the promise that someone else will hold the baby next year so I can make myself sick to my heart’s content.

Yesterday was just a lazy day. There was a lot of discussion around the characters we’re working on for the private WoW server we play at, and some little bit of cooking. Hamburger browned and frozen so that next time we need to make something quick, it’s -there-. Oh! I made curry, too. We’ll find out how good that is when Orion gets home… he took it for lunch this morning.

Otherwise, it’s been a lazy weekend of fair-going, TV-watching, and barter. (We traded apples from our trees for some summer squash, a jar of blackberry homemade jam, some frozen zucchini, and a box of llama wool I’m still trying to figure out what to do with.)

I’ll update this with pictures as soon as I can!


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