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Okay! Lets see where I left off.

At last update I had a sinus cold. That’s over and gone with, hooray! The baby feels much better too, and we got a very cute humidifier.

$35 at Target! Rar!
$35 at Target! Rar!

It’s made a huge difference in both his and my head colds. Delightful! A lovely lady at the Rockwood Valley Clinic made the suggestion and we’re very grateful!

So, as I mentioned- I got a new laptop and a new computer.

Lovely, aren’t they?


Mkay. So on the 19th, we went out to Bostons for dinner after a fun day at Riverfront Park Plaza (I think that’s what it’s called! The ‘mall’ by the park). The pictures from the day out didn’t turn out so hot (We went to see Coraline again!) but dinner’s did. This is one of the few that worked, taken from the parking garage of a series of runner statues. It’s a little creepy at first!


This one was taken from the escalator in the shopping center of the street and architecture. It’s not perfect but you get the idea.


This is me and Ennosuke. Orion took the picture- evidentally the menu contained delicious food ideas! (That’s my laptop, by the way. Pretty…)


This is a panoramic of the restaurant. They’re very bright and colorful!


It was a fun night.


I got more pictures of the pets, too!

Coricopat, the noisy cat
Coricopat, the noisy cat
The dogs- Mirax, Koda and Abby, and Cocoa
The dogs- Mirax, Koda and Abby, and Cocoa
Puut, pretty ferret. This is the twelft attempt.
Puut, pretty ferret. This is the twelfth attempt.
This was our second-best picture.
This was our second-best picture.

They’ve been off and on behaving, and it’s been interesting. The neighbors complained that the dogs were barking, but I swear they were inside. Wierd.

Sleeping Digby
Sleeping Digby


I’ve got a load of new pictures of the baby, too!


Such a handsome guy…


On to bento!

I got new gear. A nifty little bento with three compartments and silverware in the lid. Very nice! Two bucks at the grocery outlet.


I packed a lunch for Orion, for tomorrow’s work. Silly me, he has tomorrow off! But here’s the pictures of it anyway.


There’s chicken and mashed potatoes, (and a thing of gravy but it’s not pictured), glazed carrots, a small container of mixed veggies, two steamed dumplings, two fried miso-tuna-tofu hearts, a miso-marinated chickie egg (that looks like a demented snowman) and some broccoli florets, and a radish with hearts. The sauces are ranch and catalina for his veggies. This is, by far, the cutest bento I’ve ever made. *laughs*


Snack bento I made for my mom. On top is a rice ball, some chicken breast, and some steamed broccoli with a little sauce container of teriyaki sauce. On the bottom was fail-snack. It was leftover alfredo mixed with some crumbled chicken breast and steamed broccoli, and chicken on the side- but the chicken was bad. It was my dinner, and supposed to be her next-day snack, but it gave me food poisoning. I dumped it out. She had a different snack, and I didn’t have time for a picture. It was… if I remember, there was a babybel cheese, some crackers, some broccoli (I had lots) and some meatloaf cut into a flower on a rice ball (also cut into a flower). It appears Orion has a pic on his phone, I’ll update that shortly.


It’s a Very Brown Bento! *laughs* There’s the drumsticks of a Cornish Game Hen on a bed of white rice, three gyoza and some heart croquettes, a chili-powder tuna-miso-tofu heart, a soy-marinated egg, three little ‘flowers’ of the same tofu-miso-tuna mix that are pan fried instead of deep fried, and some meatloaf. The side dish is fried rice. It’s all very brown in color, but very delicious in flavor.


I’ve installed Photoshop on here, and I plan to fiddle with it for a while and see if I can get the hang of making compilations so that instead of pages and pages of big pictures you can just load one picture that’s all of them in miniature.  Ennosuke says I can even learn to use ImageReady to make little animated gifs. That’s be cute, too!


I finished a new book, called The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey. It’s the fourth book in the Five Hundred Kingdoms series, and I highly recommend them all. This one was a little disappointing, but not in the writing- only because I simply cannot figure out the fairy tale it’s based around!


Anyway, it’s 4:14 in the morning and I’m pretty exhausted. The baby is sleeping and I should do likewikes if I’m to be up and existing tomorrow! Take care!


Blue rice, asparagus, ground chicken 'nuggets', a bottle of teriyaki sauce, a bowl of cheesy pasta something mix, and three heart shaped chicken and potato croquettes.

Blue rice, asparagus, ground chicken 'nuggets', a bottle of teriyaki sauce, a bowl of cheesy pasta something mix, and three heart shaped chicken and potato croquettes.

So, today’s bento- I made it with leftover rice from the Valentine bento. The croquettes turned out so much better this time, since I made the mashed potatoes with a little butter but no cream. They held together like a dream! I froze the rest of them- tomorrow, crab rangoons!

Cheesy pasta stuff, and a bagel with roast beef (wrapped in tin foil).

Mom's Bento: Cheesy pasta stuff, and a bagel with roast beef (wrapped in tin foil).

I bought the box with little-boy boxers in it- I gave the boxers to my cousin, but I kept the box for my mom’s snack for after work. Cutest scooby-doo metal tin! The pin’s missing in the back though, so it’s not too secure.

100_0057It’s really cute, and the perfect size to hold half a sandwich and a little baggie of something else.

We went to a baby shower for my cousin and his wife, and had loads of fun! We got lots of pictures, but since most of my family prefers not to be posted online, I’ll just say that it was fun, my great-aunt was there and I got pics of her with Josh, and it was just incredible.

Meanwhile, we got our new camera, so the picture quality increased on my images, hooray! No more fuzzy cameraphone shots! Okay, probably at least a few more, but at least for now nice pictures!

They’re having a son as well, his name is Owen. So many boys! First there were twin boys, then another cousin had a boy, then I had a boy, and now they’re having a boy.

I keep telling Orion he needs to give me a girl. Just… not right now, although the girl-clothes are just adorable.

I had a wonderful Valentines! Orion set up a hint-hunt, where he gave me my first clue at the front door, and then each led me to the next. Along the way I found candies, a pink domo plushie, a Hello Kitty Pez set, and eventually tickets to see Coraline. It was a wonderful evening! My mom babysat, and we even got popcorn and soda and candy. It was just splendid.

Anyway, for now I’m mostly just waiting for the baby to settle down for bed- he’s adamant that this is playtime. Who am I to argue, since it is my playtime…

Soon we’ll crash, though.

Have a wonderful day!

So, I got a new laptop, a lovely Compaq. It’s come at a lovely time, since now I don’t need to wait for the computer to be open to update blogs, upload pictures, or work.  I can write articles, stories, or edit pieces without having to wait.

It also means I can pay bills easier, and get school set up. I found the advanced first aid course I need, plus the gear I’d like to have in time for TKD camp.

There’s also a camera on my wishlist…. a lovely 12megapixel with a 5x zoom. And video. It’s so pretty. ^^

Otherwise, not much. We’re working a lot right now, lots of drawing and coding, and my mom babysits a good bit these days, not that she minds!

We just got over a nasty round of sick, so everyone’s still coughing a little and got crap in their throats, but it’s better.

So we’re going to use our refund to pay for plane tickets, tuition to camp, pay off the credit card, get the camera, we already got the laptop, get the TKD encyclopedia, and get a laptop. The rest goes into standby for rent.


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You know, the best part about my mate? It’s not that he’s incredibly good looking (Though he is), or that he’s clever and creative (which he also is).

It’s that when the weekend gets here, he’s so very, incredibly kind. All week, he works early shifts, and I do my best to make sure he has food, clean clothes, a (somewhat) organized home. I take care of the dogs, I try to keep things in order…

And when the weekend comes, I don’t even have to ask. He takes the puppy out before she wakes me up, letting me sleep in for the first time all week. He makes supper, anything I ask for. He brings me drinks, he takes me out to the mall, he does all the moving, lifting, and cleaning that I am just too tired to get to… and he does it all with a smile and a sincerely good heart! He doesn’t expect anything back.

I can sit here, online, typing away at my blog- and he’s already made me ravioli for dinner, he’s currently cleaning up some pans in the kitchen to make Rice-a-Roni (my favorite flavor, too!) for a snack afterwords, and he remembered to bring me a glass of milk. He took out the trash and the compost, walked the dogs, and washed the kitchen up a bit.

It’s the best part.



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