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So, I got a new laptop, a lovely Compaq. It’s come at a lovely time, since now I don’t need to wait for the computer to be open to update blogs, upload pictures, or work.  I can write articles, stories, or edit pieces without having to wait.

It also means I can pay bills easier, and get school set up. I found the advanced first aid course I need, plus the gear I’d like to have in time for TKD camp.

There’s also a camera on my wishlist…. a lovely 12megapixel with a 5x zoom. And video. It’s so pretty. ^^

Otherwise, not much. We’re working a lot right now, lots of drawing and coding, and my mom babysits a good bit these days, not that she minds!

We just got over a nasty round of sick, so everyone’s still coughing a little and got crap in their throats, but it’s better.

So we’re going to use our refund to pay for plane tickets, tuition to camp, pay off the credit card, get the camera, we already got the laptop, get the TKD encyclopedia, and get a laptop. The rest goes into standby for rent.


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