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Wanted: The OtterList

You ever get that blank sort of “Uhhhh…” feeling when someone goes “Hey, what do you want for your [special occasion]?”

I hate that feeling.  So, in order to allow the generous people of the world to give otterly fabulous gifts (Yes, I know… I otter not make these puns…) I am compiling the OtterList.

The OtterList is a compilation of things that we want or need around the house. It is not a list of demands, or a letter begging for assistance.  It’s just a list. A lovely, long list, as well! I’ll update it as we need, want, or get more items, and you can see what we long for. I’ll include reasons for each, too, except for the ‘wanted’ section… it’s pretty

Have a spectacular browse!


  • Upright Stand Alone Freezer

    For holding individual freezer portions. We buy our groceries in huge bulk bags, and I sort them into portions. We have a deep chest freezer out in the shop that’s wonderful for holding the big bags of stuff, but I want something that can be just in the basement pantry or the garage, where I can store frozen dinners I premake, portioned rice or chicken, stuff like that.

  • Bookshelves

    Either bookshelves themselves, or the quality wood to make them. We have lots and lots of books, and a good number of shelves- just… not enough of one for the other. Orion is handy enough with a hammer and nails to make decent shelves, and we have a nice expanse of walls to use.

  • Software

    It’d be nice to have current copies of the programs below. And by nice, I mean I am so sick of glitches and lag. Please, please? We use them all on a regular basis for both work and home.

    • Windows XP Professional
    • Adobe Creative Suite
      Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, ImageReady, Audition
    • Macromedia MX
      Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand
    • Microsoft Office
      Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access
    • Microsoft Money (if it doesn’t come with Office)
  • A laptop (that already has Windows XP Professional) with enough room and power to run all of the programs listed above.
    Our home desktop computer is getting old and decrepit, and while it’s good enough for me to keep records and do articles on (once we get the upgraded Windows XP on it), it’s not really spectacular at running all the stuff Ennosuke uses for his work. And since he’s probably going to wind up traveling for his job-that-pays-bills, a laptop will allow him to keep doing freelance work while he’s on the road.
  • Jump Drives (all sizes) and/or External Hard Drives
    So much information, so little room. >< Jump drives, even just the little $10 2GB ones, are a God-send in our house for transferring information around from computer to computer, to take things to the printers or the copiers… you get the idea. External hard drives are even better! More expensive, though.
  • Bus Passes
    Please, please. A bus pass is $33 dollars a month. We need at least two or three. For the Spokane Country Transit, if you don’t mind!
  • Work
    Need a poster, a business card, flyers, photo retouching, coding and website design, data entry, or anything like that? Let Ennosuke know. (He’s linked in the sidebar-
    Need manual labor or organization? Cleaning, sorting, box hauling, yard work, martial arts training, dog walking, wood chopping, snow-shoveling, or anything else that requires a strong back and the ability to follow direction? Let me know, Orion’s always looking for odd jobs to fill in the gaps in our monthly bills. He also does fine art- give him a photo of your dog and a photo of your kid, and get back a drawing of them together! Turn photos into mantelpiece artwork, have your own original tattoo hand-drawn, or get a custom logo created.

    Need research and writing? Articles for your website, forum, or (non-school) paper? We won’t do your homework, but Dragonsama and I are good at writing and research- resumes, cover letters, articles, you name it and we can write it- or edit it! If you’ve got a paper, letter, memo, or article that just isn’t as eloquent as you’d like? I can take your rough draft and create a finished masterpiece.

    So please, if you need something, it’s likely we can do it. We just need the work.


  • The Condensed Encyclopedia of Tae Kwon Do
    Orion’s heart’s desire. *nods* **UPDATE: Got It! Happy Valentine’s Day, Orion!**
  • The Gothic Charm School Essential Guide
    Available June 9, 2009, but pre-orderable now. I squealed like a six year old girl with a pony for Christmas when I saw this.
  • Guitar Hero: World Tour
    Because Ennosuke also squealed like a six year old girl with a pony for Christmas. He also shorts out the demo systems with drool as he stares longingly at the displays. C’mon, have a heart. XD
  • Authentic Japanese Cuisine for Beginners
    Cookbooks! JAPANESE cookbooks!
  • The Laptop Lunchbox gear
    I’d like the Laptop Lunchbox System, as well as the thermal food jar further down the page. (I like the purple and periwinkle!)
  • The Manga Cookbook and The Anime Cookbook
    C’mon. It speaks for itself! Reading Fruits Basket or watching Azumanga Diaoh, you happen onto a food- takoyaki, or onigiri, or something, and it sounds so goooood but all the recipes you find online are either in Japanese or insanely complicated. The Manga Cookbook (and Anime Cookbook) takes away the irritation!

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